Franco Anastasio profile

Franco Anastasio was born December 2nd, 1962 in Rimini.
At the age of 20 he starts his carreer in his own ice cream parlours in Rimini, and he will continue in this field for fifteen years.
At the age of 35 he starts collaborating with Carpigiani Mo.Ca in Coriano, for eleven years. Here he is exclusive agent regarding machinery and is in charge of planning and opening several ice cream parlours in Italy and the world.
In September 2009 he decides to start up a project he had in mind for a long time: A.F. System, where he provides his long-lasting experience and his skills to help ice cream makers and whoever seeks to become one.

Via Coriano n. 58 - Blocco 67/c - Traversa 6 - Gros Rimini
47924 - Rimini
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